Our private sessions will start with the first session dedicated to a comprehensive health history questionnaire and fitness assessment. Thereafter you will learn to safely and correctly perform the basic barbell lifts that form the foundation of an effective strength training program. You will learn: Squats, Presses and Deadlifts (Power Cleans and Power Snatches too, depending on your program). You will also learn how to program these lifts for continuous, long-term progress. Whether you’re new to barbell training or an experienced lifter struggling with your technique, our strength training methodology will help you to attain optimal health. We will also cover nutrition recommendations. In case of past injuries or physical limitations, your coach will customize your program to your specific needs so that you can train effectively for your specific situation.


Follow-up private sessions are available to clients who’ve trained with us via Online Coaching, Barbell Technique Dx and Private Coaching. Regular follow-up sessions will help you stay on course with your form check and other difficulties you may face with your training program. These sessions will give your coach an opportunity to identify the areas of improvement.  Our records suggests that clients who came in for at least two follow-up sessions a month made better progress in their following workouts.