Barbell Lifts Training Camps are 4 hour strength training events. At these camps you will learn the detailed lifting techniques for Squats, Presses, Deadlifts and the most efficient strength training methodology. The camp begins with a short lecture to understand the scientific principles of exercise movement and training. You will learn how individual anthropometry and gravitational force affect the efficiency of the exercise movements and ultimately your potential strength.

This is followed by coaching the lifts on the platform. During the platform sessions you will be coached to execute the barbell lifts efficiently and safely. You will learn the process starting from the warm up sets to the work sets. Platform sessions give you an opportunity to apply all the information acquired from the lecture. The camp ends with question and answer sessions, programming, progressive overloading, lifting errors and training through injuries/musculoskeletal limitations.

Whether you are a beginner starting out strength training, struggling with basic barbell lifts, nervous or apprehensive about lifting, attending this camp will set you up for long term success in acquiring strength.

Upcoming Camp: Deadlift Camp
Coach: Macedonio Fernandes
Date: Sunday, 15th September 2019, 11am – 3:00pm

Fee: Rs.10000.00 BOOK NOW

Calburn Fitness Solutions – Strength & Conditioning
International Centre Goa
Dr E Borges Rd
Dona Paula, Goa 403004

Some of the topics to be discussed elaborately at the Deadlift Camp :

  • Individual differences in anthropometry affect the efficiency of the lift. We will teach you a lifting technique that is appropriate for your body propotions.
  • Individual differences in physiological response such as heart rate, blood pressure affect the training efficiency and progress. We will teach you the scientific principles to control these physiological responses.
  • Individual nutritional intake affects the strength outcome. Individual nutritional needs are determined by factors such as age, gender etc. We will teach you a simple and long term approach to manage your nutritional needs considering these factors.
  • Individual responses in recovery affects the efficiency of the lift. We will teach you the scientific approach to optimise your recovery.

With Barbell Lifts Training Camps our mission is to help you get fit scientifically, addressing your health concerns and teaching you the correct approach to becoming strong and healthy. Those seeking more details may contact us via email or call.